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  • How is PlayScape different from other cafés?
    We are not your normal café. We take the best of both worlds - expertly made coffee and healthy snacks from an upscale coffee shop, with the extraordinary play experience of the city's best indoor playgrounds. No compromising on quality on either the café experience for parents or the play experience for kids. Parents and caregivers will find PlayScape Café to be an oasis in the city - a place where they can relax and enjoy a good latte or cappuccino while their children are free to play in a creative, safe environment. Kid-Centric Atmosphere: Play cafés are designed with children in mind. From whimsical decor to child-friendly furniture, our space is a haven for kids to explore and play. We prioritize creating an environment that caters to the needs of young ones. Interactive Play Areas: One of the biggest distinctions is the inclusion of play zones. At PlayScape, children will be able to engage in imaginative play, climb, slide, and have a blast in our specially designed play areas. Caregiver Relaxation: While the kids are busy safely playing, adults can unwind and enjoy a latte or a delicious snack in a stress-free setting. Child-Focused Events: We are the perfect venue for events like birthday parties, storytime, mommy-and-me, music and art classes. Our space will foster community and will be the perfect place for families looking to connect and make memories. Family-Friendly Amenities: Play cafés offer amenities such as changing tables, high chairs, kids' menus, and child-friendly washrooms (think tiny toilets for the potty training crowd!) We strive to make your family outing hassle-free and enjoyable from start to finish. So, whether you're seeking a fun playdate with your little ones or a relaxing afternoon with friends and family, we've got you covered. We're more than just a café; we're a place where laughter, learning, and connections thrive.
  • Is PlayScape Café a daycare?
    No. PlayScape Café is a unique play café that will serve high quality espresso drinks and healthy snacks, with the added benefit of a modern, safe play space targeted towards kids 0-5. Parents and caregivers must supervise their children at all times while in the café.
  • Do I need to have children to come to PlayScape?
    PlayScape is a perfect place for young children and their caregivers, but many people come here on their own just to try our delicious espresso, smoothies and snacks. We have seating for those who would like to enjoy a coffee, plus a take out window if you just want to stop by to grab something to go. See our menu offerings here. All are welcome at PlayScape!
  • Do you take play reservations?
    Yes. Although reservations are not required - drop-ins are more than welcome - a reservation will hold a spot for you, especially during our busy times. Click here to make a reservation. Please note that if you do not show up for you reservation slot, we can give away your slot to a walk-in or someone on the wait list.
  • Do you have private bookings, such as birthday parties?
    Yes - PlayScape will be available for complete buyouts for birthday parties on weekends and after 3:30 pm on weekdays. Click here for more details on birthday parties.
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