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In addition to an engaging play space for the little ones, PlayScape Café boasts high-quality drinks and snacks, including coffee, espresso, teas, smoothies and much more.

We feature a professional coffee program, using only locally roasted, ethically sourced beans.   We are proud to use Oughtred, a specialty coffee roaster based in British Columbia. We calibrate our coffee grinders several times a day to ensure that you have the best possible espresso in your drink, and our baristas have been professionally trained to make the perfect beverage. We want to make sure that our adults can enjoy the space as much as the little ones!


If you love our coffee, we sell freshly roasted beans for home use as well - feel free to pick a bag up next time you are here.

Our menu is attached but it is updated regularly - pop in or check our Instagram feed to see what is new!

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